waterproof TPU knitted Lamination fabric

Name: Flocking fabric + waterproof TPU film + knitted Lamination fabric
Ingredients: 100% polyester
Width: 56/58 INCH
Color: dark gray / black / pink / pure white
Finishing process: P/D + W/R + TPU
Packaging requirements: reel plastic packaging

Flocking fabric + waterproof TPU film + knitted jersey fabric:
The fabric has high windproof, high waterproof, moisture permeable, warm, aging resistant, antifreeze and abrasion resistant. A variety of features to keep your body dry and comfortable for a long time.

Mainly used in jackets, ski wear clothing, outdoor casual wear, jackets, sports and leisure clothing industry, medical and sanitary materials industry, ski wear fabrics, mountaineering clothing fabrics, winter clothing fabrics, apparel fabrics, high-end outdoor clothing, sporting goods, clothing, medical Industry and other industries. Applications: raincoats, rainwear, protective clothing, luggage, tents, leisure products, medical life-saving supplies.

Flocking fabric + waterproof TPU film + knitted jersey fabric is a high-grade functional fabric, with windproof warmth, abrasion resistance, high waterproof, high vapor permeability, acid and alkali resistance, especially waterproof and moisture permeable The functional TPU Lamination fleece fabric has many advantages such as soft hand feeling, strong peeling fastness and tear resistance compared with ordinary waterproof and steam permeable fabric.