Composite Technology of Sponge TPU Composite Fabric

Composite Technology of Sponge TPU Composite Fabric
There are two main composite processes of sponge TPU composite fabrics: oil-glue composite and flame composite.
Sponge TPU composite fabric is composed of sponge and TPU film. It can also be directly composed of fabric + sponge + fabric, knitted fabric + sponge + rocker velvet composite finished fabric, and woven fabric + sponge + knitted bottom fabric. It can also be knitted fabric + TPU + sponge composite, shuttle fabric + TPU + sponge composite, in short, the composite method is diverse.
TPU Composite Fabric
Flame compounding (flame compounding is the post-processing technology in the deep processing of fabrics, flame compounding depends on the stickiness produced by sponge burning between the two fabrics to bond the two fabrics together). Flame-bonded cloth feels softer than glue-bonded cloth.
Oil-glue compounding (also known as glue-water compounding) is a kind of compounding. Generally speaking, it is relative to flame combination. It is different from flame composition in that it is not a layer of sponge between the surface cloth and the bottom cloth, but glue. Although the cost is lower than flame composition, but the feel is harder.