TPU breathable cotton elastic flannel bonded fabric

Name: waterproof and moisture permeable breathable cotton elastic thin oblique + TPU + elastic fleece bonded fabric
Ingredients: 100% cotton elastic fine oblique + TPU + 100% polyester elastic fleece
Width: 48/50INCH
Colour: Black
Weight: 380G/SM
Finishing process: P/D+W/R+TPU5000/1000
Packaging requirements: reel plastic packaging

TPU elastic fleece composite fabric

TPU elastic fleece composite fabric

TPU+ Elastic Fleece bonded Fabric – Function and Use:
The fabric has high windproof, high waterproof, moisture permeable, warm, aging resistant, antifreeze and abrasion resistant. A variety of features to keep your body dry and comfortable for a long time.

TPU+ elastic fleece bonded fabric is a high-grade functional fabric with windproof and warmth, abrasion resistance, high waterproof, high vapor permeability, acid and alkali resistance, especially bonded fabric with waterproof and moisture permeability. Ordinary waterproof and steam-permeable fabrics have many advantages such as soft hand feeling, strong peeling fastness and tear resistance.