Mountaineering clothing fabrics

Mountaineering clothing fabrics
Mountaineering clothes, also known as “assault clothes”, are suitable for outdoor sports, especially mountaineering. They belong to waterproof and breathable functional clothing.
Chinese famous mountaineering clothes
Also known as “Charge Garment”
The main feature is one of winter clothing styles.
Three-layer wearing comfort, warmth and protection
Mountaineering clothing fabrics
Mainly for one of the winter clothing styles. Cuffs and waistbands are tight. Underwear is lined with light and warm materials such as down, foam plastic sheets or silk cotton. Require easy to wear, so that shoulders, arms, knees are not under any pressure; pockets should be large and large, and need a bag cover, buttons, zippers, so that things in the pocket do not fall off. Choose a smooth surface, sand-proof fabric.
Three-layer penetration
Comfort, Warm and Lay
(1) Inside layer: To maintain skin surface temperature and comfort, it is necessary to be close to the skin in order to give full play to the function of warming, and will not cause excessive friction. When choosing, pay attention to close to the skin and not too tight. PP products can be selected.
(2) Intermediate layer: Intermediate layer clothing mainly provides warmth preservation function. Adjustment and convenience should be paid attention to when choosing middle-level clothing. Choose wool, feathers and Pierre products.
(3) Outer layer: Outer layer clothing provides protection functions of insulation, heat, wind and waterproof. It should be based on the principle of convenient activities and easy to wear and tear.