Inflatable tent fabric

Inflatable tent fabric
Inflatable tent is a kind of tent. It uses the principle of structural mechanics to design the framework, expands the air bag to form a rigid column by using the characteristics of gas pressure, and supports the framework of the tent through organic combination. Inflatable tents are also called closed tents. They can be inflated once and used all the time.
Chinese name inflatable tent
Foreign name Inflatabletent
Inflatable tent fabric
Inflatable tent with structure
High Strength Polyester Filament Screen Cloth with Air Column Material
600D Waterproof Oxford Cloth
Base PVC knife scraper
Characteristic Rain-proof, Moisture-proof, Ultraviolet-proof, Flame-retardant, Long Life Inflatable Tool Electric Inflatable Pump or Pedal Inflatable Pump
Tent skeleton inflatable air column
Inflatable tent belongs to a tent design framework based on structural mechanics, which expands the air bag into a rigid cylinder by using gas pressure characteristics, and supports the tent skeleton through organic combination. With the strength of the skeleton material used, the bearing capacity of the tent can be set. The performance of the polymer coating determines the service life of the frame and the maintenance of the rigidity of the frame. The rationality of the gas chamber setting determines the supporting limit of the frame. Mainly used for moistureproof, waterproof, wind-proof, dust-proof, sunscreen, emergency relief, short-term field training, short-term field operations.
Fabric Material: Oxford Cloth, PVC Coated Cloth
Inflatable column material: PVC coated polyester interwoven fabric
Adaptation temperature: -40 -+65.
Frame Wind Resistance: Level 6-8
Hydrostatic pressure: hydrostatic pressure (> 16 kpa)
Surface water protection: 160-200 mm
Inflation time: 2-10 minutes (varying with tent size)
The air column is made of PVC double-sided coated cloth, and the tent is made of waterproof and anti-ultraviolet material. It has the advantages of fast forming, high strength, fire-proof, mildew-proof, anti-ultraviolet and moisture-proof. The tent is an inflatable tent, and the tent frame is an air column structure. Compared with the ordinary metal bracket tent, the tent has the characteristics of light body, small folded volume and easy to carry.
The utility model has the advantages of fast forming, high strength, fire-proof, mildew-proof, ultraviolet resistance, moisture-proof, light body, small folded volume, and easy carrying.
major function
Moisture-proof, mosquito-proof, thermal insulation, anti-infrared, flame retardant, etc. The tent, however, adopts the internationally popular form in the design of the column shape. The product has the characteristics of high stability, strong wind power of shear diversion and no rainwater storage.
Assembly knowledge
First choose a flat ground, then open the package, lay the inflatable tent flat on the ground, use the high-pressure inflatable pump to start inflating, stand at each corner of a person, pull the rope to prevent the focus can not stand flat and horizontal until well supported. Finally, anchor the ground well and tighten the wind rope.